University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown



To offer a high-quality educational experience in a supportive living-learning environment that is grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, 这是当前的, and that is responsive both to our students’ personal and professional needs and to our communities’ needs.


To be the regional leader educating for success in the Real World. 的 distinctive combination of our people, 项目, and place results in exceptional performance in preparing students for career and professional success. 


的 distinctive combination of our people, 项目, and place results in exceptional performance in preparing students for career and professional success.

  • 才华横溢 教师 of dedicated teachers and productive scholars facilitate the success of highly motivated and ambitious students in an up-close-and-personal learning environment.
  • 关怀和奉献 工作人员 enhance a supportive living-learning environment, offering 个性化的援助 to facilitate success from admission to graduation.
  • 超过22个,000名校友, as well as an enthusiastic community of donors and well-wishers, constitute a vital network facilitating the success of our students and graduates, making meaningful contributions to our world.
  • 富有成效的伙伴关系 with area businesses foster economic development, create real world learning opportunities, and build relationships with future employers.
  • 广泛的 教师-工作人员 community involvement fosters positive town/gown relationships and generates goodwill for our students and job seekers.


  • Pitt-quality education with world-class standards of academic excellence appreciated by employers and recognized by top graduate schools alike.
  • 备受追捧 学士学位项目 all grounded on liberal education with intense real world focus including engineering, 护理, 司法行政 & criminology, pre-medical professions, education, business and management information systems….
  • Practical real world focused-learning experiences including mentored projects, 指导实习, 顶石, 本科研究 projects that link theory to practical applications.
  • A unique collegiate experience through our signature 真实世界行动计划, which actively supports Career and Professional Development as well as 校园, 公民, 与全球参与.
  • 近100 俱乐部和组织 as well as varied activities enrich the collegiate environment.
  • NCAA Division II school boasting 15 .竞技体育 in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC), and great intramural opportunities.
  • Nationally recognized for supporting veterans’ transition and success.
  • 国家认可 for high levels of student engagement as illustrated in national surveys and commendations.
  • Maximizing affordability and access through a broad range of scholarships, 奖助金, 勤工俭学及其他 金融援助.


  • A picturesque residential campus environment nestled in the Laurel Highlands with many state-of-the-art facilities that support excellence in learning and contribute to student success and learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • A 友好的校园 where you will make many friends with a wide range of interests, backgrounds and pursuits.
  • A safe place to live, learn, and play, away from the rough and tumble of larger and more metropolitan campuses.
  • Spirit of the Mountain Cat 到处都是…. This you have to discover and experience yourself! Visit us to find out about Mountain Cat Spirit.


  • 关键 学术成果 比如留存率, 学生成功率, 毕业率, and readiness for the real world compare favorably and even outperform many top notch colleges and universities.
  • 密集的 职业及就业安排 initiatives facilitate progress from admission to graduation, with focused guidance intended to help students find jobs and succeed in a competitive workplace in their career of choice. High placement rates in very good jobs!
  • A world-class, Pitt-quality education comparable to quality private colleges ... 价值巨大!