University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

立博app 学者

立博app is the University of Pittsburgh's first and largest regional campus. 立博app provides students the benefits and prestige of being part of a university recognized internationally for its scholarship and research, 以及 出国留学 opportunities, admission guarantees to many Pitt graduate programs, and a connection to Real World Career Services 和 皮特职业网络

专业 & 项目

的 University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is the source for a high-quality educational experience, grounded in the liberal arts and sciences. 的 University remains current and is responsive to both our students’ personal and professional needs and to our communities’ needs.


立博app的 学术顾问 involves a developmental teaching process in which an advisor and an advisee (student) enter into a collaborative, growth-oriented relationship. 的 end result is exceptional performance.

Office of the 注册商

Office of the 注册商 supports the 立博app mission of educating for the real world by providing high-quality service to our students, 校友, 父母, 教师, 工作人员, and outside agencies while adhering to University policies and procedures, and federal guidelines.

Undergraduate Research

立博app undergraduate research encompasses intellectual, creative and/or scholarly activities, in which the student and 教师 member have a collaborative relationship. Research may take many forms including class projects, 顶石研讨会, 高级项目, and independent studies. 

Master of Social Work

的 University of Pittsburgh and 立博app have partnered to offer the Master of Social Work program at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.


立博app的 Office of 学术事务 provides organizational support and leadership for the planning, 评估, 政府, and quality of our academic programs.

This division upholds the standards and policies that define the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, w在这里 distinctive people, programs and place result in exceptional performance.

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown students may receive invitations to join one of these prestigious national or international honor societies »


Raymond B Wrabley, PhD
Vice President for 学术事务
Professor of Political Science

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Office of 学术事务
(814) 269-2078

Stephen Kilpatrick, PhD
Assistant Vice President for 学术事务
Associate Professor of Biology

Administrative Assistant
Office of 学术事务