立博app's faculty features talented and enthusiastic professors who are accomplished in their respective fields. They have been published and recognized worldwide and offer 立博app students the benefit of real-world expertise. 以下链接详细介绍了最近的教师出版物.

  • John W. Mullennix博士,心理学教授,在科学期刊上发表过文章. 他的合著者是皮特-约翰斯敦的学生:
    • Mullennix J.W.飞行员,K.M.史蒂夫,T.A., & 伯恩斯,J.C. (新闻).  认知负荷对标题视觉艺术判断的影响.  目前正在出版中, 美学心理学、创造力和艺术.
    • Mullennix J.W.Varmecky, A.陈,C.米奇,Z., & Polaski-Hoffman L. (2016).  色彩对审美判断自动性的影响. 艺术的实证研究,34, 8-34.
  • 伊丽莎白Katrancha, DNP, RN, CCNS, CSN, CNE,护理学助理教授,发表于:
    • Katrancha E., Zipf, J., & 施罗德,R. (新闻).  Retrospective evaluation of the impact of geriatric trauma institute on fragility hip fracture patient outcomes. 骨科护理杂志.
    • Curlej, M. & Katrancha E. D. (2016).  One rural hospital's experience implementing the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) guidelines to decrease central line infections.  创伤护理杂志,23(5), 290-297.
    • Faett B., Katrancha E., Drahnak D., Sowko, L; & Blazeck,. (2016). Using interactive video-based teaching to improve nursing students ability to provide patient-centered discharge teaching. 杂志 护理教育,55(5), 296-299. doi: 10.3928/014834-20160414-11.
  • 吉尔亨宁, PhD, 副教授, conducted a multi-year study on the risk of Lyme disease in western Pennsylvania concluded that one in three deer ticks carry the Lyme bacteria. 这份报告的标题是 莱姆病明确诊断的有效技术 发表于8月. 2016年8月8日,SciMedCentral JSM热带报告. 
  • Maddu Karunaratne, PhD, 副教授 and electrical department chair, co-developed a method for 优化随机存取扫描电路和测试压缩方法 and recently (August 2016) secured the US Patent #9423455 with a colleague in semiconductor industry.  他最近还发表了以下文章:
    • madu Karunaratne也发表了一篇立博app 搭载MATLAB对c语言编程课程的影响 in Proceedings of ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, New Orleans, LA, June 2016
    • Maddu Karunaratne, based on his research into power estimation and analysis of digital integrated circuits co-published the paper titled, 一种动态功率估计方法 片上系统设计方法, 《立博app》(JOLPE),第11卷,第11期. 2015年12月4日.
  • 立博app教练 Neil M. Coleman 以及已故的名誉教授 Uldis Kaktins 与皮特-约翰斯顿大学的一名校友合作 斯蒂芬妮Wojno to analyze the hydraulics of the South Fork Dam to challenge the 127-year-old findings of the cause of the 1889 Johnstown Flood. 他们的文章于2016年6月16日发表在该杂志上 水文,第2卷,第6期,标题 Dam-Breach hydrology of the Johnstown flood of 1889–challenging the findings of the 1891 investigation report.
  • 乔治•N. M., Drahnak DM, Schroeder, D. L., & Katrancha ED, 加强护理专业学生对电子健康记录的使用. 临床护理模拟,12(5),152-158. 所有作者均为护理系教师:Nickole M. George, PhD, RN; Dawn M. Drahnak DNP, RN, CCNS, CCRN; Diana L. Schroeder, DNP, RN; Elizabeth D. Katrancha, DNP, CCNS, RN, CSN, CNE, 2016年5月.
  • 丽莎Bell-Loncella, 博士兼化学系系主任, led a research team study about metal-containing complexes having the potential to treat breast cancer in the  转化医学杂志 手稿 钌配合物对癌细胞生长的抑制作用 2016年2月.
  • 托马斯Malosh, PhD, 化学助理教授, along with 立博app chemistry grads Thomas N. Rohrabaugh小.约书亚·C. 埃文·D·多佛斯派克. 索耶和米切尔. Stibbard, 还有Steven J Geib, 匹兹堡大学晶体学博士, 撰写论文, Diruthenium tetracarbonyl sawhorse complexes bearing N-heterocylic carbene and phosphine ligands: Synthesis, 结构表征, 以及催化活性 刊登于 有机金属化学杂志 2016年1月.
  • Manisha尼噶的, PhD, 化学助理教授,  with  Brittney Rush and Jay Patel (立博app chemistry graduates) and collaborators Raul Castillo and Preeti Dhar in the Chemistry Department at SUNY New Paltz, 合作的论文题为 本科生有机化学实验室的Aza-Michael反应二年级有机化学实验室的实验. 它出现在 化学教育杂志 2016年1月.
  • 黎明Drahnak、DNP、RN、CCNS、CCRN(护理) & Nicole Custer出版 急性呼吸窘迫综合征患者的俯卧位 in 重症监护护士 35(6):29-37, 2015年11月.
  • 尼尔·科尔曼, MS, 地球物理老师, has authored a paper about megaflooding on Mars caused by the catastrophic breach of a large crater lake.  这篇文章的标题是从伽利略陨石坑裂口流出的火星洪水的水文图,发表在该杂志上 地貌学 2015年5月.
  • 吉尔亨宁, PhD, 生物学助理教授, 瑞秋·埃尔斯沃思, a Windber Research Institute scientist and member of 立博app’s Health Science Advisory Board, 参与了这项研究 癌症中的慢性炎症:人类病毒的作用该研究发表在该杂志上 肿瘤病毒研究进展,该报告于2015年2月由Libertas Academica出版.
  • 克里斯汀Dahlin博士,生物学助理教授,与L. 本尼迪克特2014年的作品 Angry Birds Need Not Apply: A Perspective on the Flexible form and Multifunctionality of Avian Vocal Duets. 动物行为学,2012 (1),1-10.
  • Steven E. Stern, 博士兼自然科学部主席, 与刚毕业的切尔西·乔巴尼合作, Disha帕特尔, 还有贾斯汀·特雷斯勒, on a study of listeners’ preference for computer synthesized speech over natural speech of people with disabilities. 他们的研究成果发表于2014年 康复心理学.
  • 承贤任, PhD, 副教授 of computer science, in 2014 worked along with L.S. 用类区分器对对象进行分类的研究. 机器学习与人工智能学报,2(5),64-71.
    • 承铉任也发表了文章, 一种评估用户指定动作规则的方法, 国际数据挖掘会议, 网络计算, 和大数据(BigData2014), 吉隆坡, Malaysia, 11月17日至19日, 2014.
  • 迈克尔·考克斯, PhD, 写作副教授, 出版了他的短篇小说集, 暗河之战, in 2013, and has presented readings from this work and from his novel-in-progress in Erie, Scranton, Savannah, 巴尔的摩, Fairmont, WV, Pitt-Greensburg, 和立博app.
    • 考克斯的闪电小说《约翰·斯隆的 咖啡行出现在本期的 Weave. 他对Ann-Marie Einhaus的评论 短篇小说与第一次世界大战 出现在2月号的 Choice. He was a featured reader at Fairmont State on February 5th and at Pitt-Greensburg on April 10th. He presented an excerpt from his novel-in-progress in 巴尔的摩 at the annual meeting of the College English Association on March 29.
  • 赤穗Inuzuka, PhD, 传播学副教授, is engaged in a research project on the construction of current Japanese identity from the memories of Japanese militarism.  她的作品已在英国出版 国际传播学报,传播季刊, and 多元文化话语学报.
    • Inuzuka的文章, 与Thomas Fuchs合著, "Memories of Japanese Militarism: The Yasukuni Shrine as a Commemorative Site,已发表于 国际传播杂志.
  • 德里克酸奶, PhD, 哲学助理教授, is publishing his scholarship in two of the most prestigious journals in his field: Philosophical Psychology and Mind and Language.  His work crosses disciplinary boundaries from philosophy and ethics to psychology and neuroscience to language and linguistics. He also hosts a podcast with a colleague from Carnegie Mellon University, Axons and Axioms.
  • 克里斯汀·林恩·马约查, PhD, 传播学副教授, 发表了“响应性政治中心”(OpenSecrets.Org) 社交媒体和政治百科全书 Ed. Kerric Harvey, SAGE出版公司.(2014),以及两篇书评 选择:学术图书馆的最新评论.  在105号th 东部通讯会议, 普罗维登斯, MA, 2014年4月, she presented the papers “We Work for God’: Mother Teresa and Mercy though the Philosophical Lens of Seneca” and “A Heideggerian Approach to Caring for Others: Three Weeks at the Missionaries of Charity House in Ponce Puerto Rico"; was a panel participant for “Hannah Arendt and Lively Dissent: An Exploration through the Lens of Ronald C. Arnett’s Communication Ethics in Dark Times: Hannah Arendt’s Rhetoric of Warning and Hope.
  • 罗斯•Kleinstuber PhD, assistant professor of justice administration and criminology, published the following in 2014:
    • Mitigation Versus Individualism:  Examining Judges’ Capital Sentencing Decisions.”  法律、政治与社会研究63:187-224.
    • 《特拉华州的蓄意死亡:法律如何脱离陪审员, 阻碍对缓解的接受, 并鼓励死刑.” 刑法通报50 (2):384-408.
  • 马克Previte EdD, and interim chair of the 教育 Division, recently published a book chapter entitled “Second class citizens in the social studies curriculum: The role of anthropology and sociology in an issues-centered education framework." This chapter appears in the book Educating about Social Issues in the 20th and 21st Centuries.
  • 朱莉Ankrum, 教育学博士,副教授,与Nail, A. (2014). 准备你.S. pre-service teachers for literacy instruction through student teaching in New Zealand. In Leung, C.,理查兹. J., & 接着,C. (Eds.)、扫盲研究与实践的国际合作. 夏洛特,北卡罗来纳州:信息时代出版社.
  • 布鲁斯·Robart 博士,生物学副教授,《 北美和亚洲的系统发育和生物地理学 Pedicularis (列当科)的合著者.
  • 斯蒂芬·基尔帕特里克 PhD, and 副教授 and biology department chair, published the following:
    • 北美和亚洲的系统发育和生物地理学 Pedicularis (列当科)的合著者.
    • 至关重要的基因, 2012年1月出版的是本科/医学院教材.克雷布斯J. E., E. S. 戈尔茨坦, S. T. 基尔帕特里克Lewin’s至关重要的基因, 3rd ed. (Jones & 巴特利特,2013).
    • GENES XI 发表于2013年1月:这是研究生水平的文本. 克雷布斯J. E., E. S. 戈尔茨坦, S. T. 基尔帕特里克Lewin’sGenes XI. (Jones & 巴特利特,2014).

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