University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

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立博app academic excellence

的 University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is the source for a high-quality educational experience, grounded in the liberal arts and sciences. 的 University remains current and is responsive to both our students’ personal and professional needs and to our communities’ needs.

立博app offers more than 50 majors within seven Academic 分歧:

业务 and 企业  |  教育  |  工程 and 计算机科学
人文学科  |  自然科学  | 护理 and Health Sciences | 社会科学 

业务 and 企业

的立博app 业务 and 企业 Division provides a solid foundation in the principles of the Bachelor of Science curriculum, while emphasizing proficiency in business technologies and financial literacy.


的 University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown 教育部门 offers programs leading to a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in more than seven areas of concentration. 学生 begin their coursework as pre-education majors. Our programs are designed to facilitate graduation in four years.

工程 and 计算机科学

的 University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown offers Bachelor of Science degrees in engineering and computer science立博app graduates have a greater-than-90% employment rate within three months of graduation and are aggressively recruited by engineering firms. 


人文学院 at 立博app offers a branch of learning dedicated to the communication of ideas, appreciation of other cultures (and our own), understanding of moral and ethical perspectives,  appreciation for aesthetics and creativity, and understanding of our most significant perspectives. Our graduates excel in influential professional positions all over the world.  学生 in the 人文学科 major in the following disciplines:


自然科学 Division offers degree programs to prepare students for employment after graduation, as well as for advanced study in a wide variety of science-based fields, including pre-professional, medical and pharmacy programs.

护理 and Health Sciences

的立博app 护理 and Health Sciences Division prepares students for rewarding careers in healthcare with nationally recognized instruction, our state-of-the-art 护理 and Health Sciences Building, and a variety of programs.


学生 choosing to major in the 社会科学 Division at 立博app develop a well-rounded understanding of both current and historical issues in our society through a combination of classroom instruction and out-of-class, 真实的经历.


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