University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Faculty-Student Mentorship Projects

Here is a sample of some of the recent research, 奖学金, 和 creative activities supported by the President’s Mentorship Fund for Faculty-Student Scholarship.


  • Dr. Laura Ritchey 和 students Evan Lenz 和 Maxwell Cunliffe: Using RT-qPCR to evaluate the degree of hidden breaks in rice cprRN
  • Dr. Bruce Robart 和 students Selena Laughlin 和 Zachary Connor: Employing Gene Coalescence to Evaluate Past Refugia 和 Dispersal Hypotheses for Pedicularis racemosa, 第二部分
  • Dr. Manisha Nigam 和 student Karin Ilagin: Michael Addition Reaction in a Green Solvent
  • Dr. Cynthia Ofori-Boateng 和 students Desean Hunter, 阿比盖尔克纳普, 马科斯·洛佩兹, Flash特鲁, 吉莉安Verbus, 特蕾西玉: Sustainability Analysis of Waste Oil 和 Spent Coffee Grounds Biodiesel Production Technologies
  • Dr. Elaine Wilson 和 students Emily Elson 和 Hannah Ribblett: BRIDGE to Independence for 学生 in Special 教育
  • Dr. Stephanie Jimenez 和 student Juliana Butz: Travel to the 2024 Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Feb. 29日至3月2日



  • Dr. Ryan Bird 和 students Roman Beran 和 Joe Holecz: Dynamics of Peptide Bonds, 第二部分: The Study of Acetohydroxamic Acid using Chirped-Pulsed FTMW Spectroscopy
  • Dr. Bruce Robart 和 students Anna Startari 和 Zachary Connor: Employing Gene Coalescence to Evaluate Past Refugia 和 Dispersal Hypotheses for Pedicularis racemose
  • Mr. John Teacher 和 students Saara Alsayed, Jay Miller, Gloria Mancilla, 和 Amity Shallenberger: Designing with 和 creating projected image 和 videography while merging technologies
  • Dr. Ryan Kerrigan 和 student Aleya Schreckengost: Examining Minera Fluid Inclusions to Assess the Economic Potential of Allegheny Hydrothermal Systems
  • Dr. Manisha Nigam 和 student Korina Pebley: Green Reduction in Organic Synthetic Sequence
  • Dr. Mitzi Schaney 和 student Nicholas Scelsi: Trace Metal Analysis of Soils in Prince Gallitzin State Park
  • Ms. Geeta Verma 和 students 艾丹McMoil, 阿比盖尔克纳普, Flash特鲁 和 Nicole Hudak: H和s-On Beer Brewing Experience in Chemical Engineering Senior Project


  • Dr. Sharon Bertsch 和 students Isabella Nagy & 安东尼·麦肯: Influence of Ethnic Background on Perceptions of Sexism 和 Infidelity
  • Dr. Luis Bonachea 和 students Katherine Pugar, Claire Hummel, 和 Alexis Lupey: Creating a Digital Teaching Collection of Spider Identification, Taxonomy, 和 Reproductive Anatomy
  • Dr. Ryan Kerrigan 和 student Christopher Howard: Examination of the 417-million-year-old Volcanic Ash Layers in New Paris, PA to Underst和 the Building of the Appalachians
  • Dr. John Mullennix 和 students Leah Miller 和 Rachel Strode: Information about Artist Drug Use Affects Viewers’ Impressions of Art
  • Dr. Manisha Nigam和Dr. Matthew Tracey 和 students Elaynah Pirzada & Michael Moslak: Development of a Multi-Step Green Organic Synthetic Sequence


  • Dr. Bruce Robart with students Anna Staratari 和 Briana Maxwell: Taxonomic 和 Genetic Relationships Among Members of the Pedicularis sudetica Complex, part 2
  • Dr. Ramesh Singh 和 students 阿比盖尔克纳普, 蕾妮Firek, 梅根灰色, 艾丹McMoil, 尼古拉斯幸福, 伊恩·邓达斯, 尼古拉斯Gorschak, Devin Gomish 和 Katherine Croyle: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fixation by Chlorella vulgaris Microalgae Cultivated in a Photobioreactor 和 Electroflocculation of Chlorella vulgaris using Electrodes of Different Materials
  • Dr. Susan Wieczorek 和 students Angel Auxtero & 汉娜拉森: It Always Gets Better:  It’s Life; It Has To” (Addiction 和 Survival) 和 Illness is a Tunnel; Not a Cave (COVID-19 Experience)